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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Model Citizen

Here's a new story from Kate!

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I work for dockers. Well, I work for an ad agency who gets hired by dockers to shoot things and make things and write things. And so we did this print shoot for them, and we were holding auditions where we had to have handsome men come in, get videotaped in these different khaki pants, not khaki colored but like “cool khakis.”

So we held this casting call by my work, so I walked there, later than my coworkers because I’d had car trouble that morning. And at the studio, there was a check-in at the front desk for all of the handsome men arriving, manned (or womanned) by the most green (perhaps an intern) worker in the building. She was flustered when nearly every handsome man approached.

I was late, and I rushed into the building. Nobody looked up, except for the nervous intern with the clipboard. “Models need to sign in here.”

“First off. I’m not a man. Secondly, where is my agency?”