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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not All Bad...

I've been graced with another guest blogger! This story is from Ayla:

A few years ago my ex-gf and I were walking hand-in-hand into the 1st Ave subway station. I'm femme, she's butch, and we're both really blond. In short, we were the cutest lesbian couple ever. Our relationship was pretty much based on our awareness of this fact. We were one of those brother-sister looking pairs and strangers used to come up and tell us how cute we looked together. We spent roughly half our time posing for photobooth pictures on my laptop or doing arm-outstretched-cellphone (ie Myspace-pose) portraits together. This is us at the height of our ill-fated romance:

Anywho, as we enter the subway station we see a very intoxicated homeless man walking in our direction. He fixes eyes on us, and gives me a VERY exaggerated googly eyed once-over. He lets out a little whistle and then starts to say to my ex-gf, "Dammmmmn boy, you a lucky ma..." and then stops dead is his tracks. He does one of those stunned/confused cartoon character blinks in front of us, and just says, "OH! Two ladies! ... You have a good night, ladies," and keeps walking. It was by far the most good-natured and strangely polite, "turns out he's a lady" experience I've seen.


  1. had that kind of photo booth chemistry and you BROKE UP? What the hell were you thinking? I saw something about "psycotic" but Ayla hot butch natural blondes with functioning Mac laptops don't just come along everyday.

  2. Andie, don't I know it. But, just for the record we are friends now and neither of US are psychotic, our relationship was just a weeee bit crazy (probably due to the aformentioned chemistry).