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Thursday, February 10, 2011

That Kid

First post! Here's a blog dedicated to all the times I'm mistaken for a 15 year old boy, or a man, or a dude, or a boychildmandude. And this is blog material, because I'm really a woman in my late twenties who happens to just look far better in clothing made for men. For example:

Was in Duane Reade today trying to buy my expensive Herbal Mist White Tea with Yerba Mate. Went to the counter to purchase said drink and all three sales representatives were helping a highly agitated woman. The woman looks over at me and says to the sales reps: "I think that kid wants to buy a drink."

1 comment:

  1. First to Comment!
    1. You never told me about this expensive tea beverage you've been buying in secret.
    2. IM SO GLAD YOU FINALLY DID THIS! Now instead of feeling hurt or upset by these incidences (or whatever part of you still feels that) you can just say, "damn that would be good blog material!)
    3. Please post about the booger/moustache confusion incident. The world needs to know about this.
    4. Yes you do look damn good in boys clothes.